5 Tips For Anyone Getting Braces For The First Time

15 November 2022
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Are you scheduled to get braces for the very first time, and you're not quite sure what to expect? Your orthodontist is likely going to give you plenty of tips that are common sense, which is why it will help you to know the following things before you go in for the procedure.

Be Prepared To Have A Lisp At First 

Know that there is an adjustment period to having braces, and it is going to take some time to simply get used to talking again. You can expect to have a lisp for several days after the procedure as you start to adjust to having that extra bulk of the brackets attached to the front of your teeth. Not knowing that it will be like this during the entire treatment can definitely help ease some anxiety.

Bring Lip Balm To Your Appointment

Your lips are going to get very dry during the appointment to get braces, which is due to all of the suction used to dry out your mouth for the treatment. In addition, you're going to be wearing a cheek retractor to open up your mouth and pull on your lips much more than you are used to. Having lip balm can definitely help them feel more comfortable and prevent you from having dry lips.

Have Dental Wax On Hand

You'll adjust to the sensation of the brackets rubbing against the inside of your mouth. However, it can help to have dental wax during the initial adjustment period for it to go much easier. You place a small amount of wax on the brackets to make them feel smooth and avoid any unnecessary cuts on the inside of your mouth as you get used to the braces.

Buy A Water Flosser

Cleaning around the wires and brackets will be incredibly hard, especially since that is where a lot of plaque can build up during the day. While using traditional dental floss and a floss threader will be the best way to keep your teeth clean, it will help to buy a water flosser to get the job done. This tool makes it incredibly easy to clean your teeth and get around all the brackets, and anything that is easy to use will help you use it consistently.

Avoid Sticky Foods

One of the easiest ways to cause damage to your brackets and wires is to eat sticky foods. Anything that can stick to the braces and pull on them can potentially cause them to break. This is especially true of taffy candy that can get a good grip on your braces.

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