Why Do You Keep Tasting Blood?

6 March 2023
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You don't have to be a vampire to be familiar with the taste of blood. Most people have bitten their tongues, cut their gums, or done something that released a little blood into their mouths. It's quickly swallowed, but the taste (salty, slightly metallic) is hard to forget. What does it mean when you keep tasting that distinctive blood flavor? Open Wounds An ongoing, slight, and delicate taste of blood is unlikely to be coming from a large open wound. Read More 

Effects And Solutions For Oral Problems Due To Antidepressants

26 January 2023
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Medications can affect your oral health in various ways. Below are some ways antidepressants can affect oral health and how you can deal with the effects.  Implant Failure Antidepressants have several complications and side effects that increase the risk of implant failure. Below are some of these side effects. Osteoporosis Antidepressants can trigger bone tissue loss, causing the bone to become brittle and fragile. The condition, which doctors call osteoporosis, increases the risk of implant failure by weakening the implant-bone integration. Read More