Emerging Wisdom Teeth: What To Know

6 April 2021
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Wisdom teeth, more accurately known as third molars, often emerge as a teenager ends their teens and enters their twenties. However, wisdom teeth can present a confusing issue and parents may not know what to advise. To find out more about these late-emerging molars, read on.

They May Cause Problems

It is common for those with emerging wisdom teeth to suffer from some or all of the below issues. Most of the issues revolve around the prospect of a large tooth, such as a molar, emerging into a mouth that is already densely filled with teeth. Unfortunately, as the molar slowly emerges, it can crowd against other molars and create issues with spacing. When teeth are too crowded, they can become misaligned and cause bite problems that go on to affect other teeth. Here is what else to look for:

Bacteria Growth – As wisdom teeth take quite a bit of time to emerge, the stage can be set for the growth of bacteria near the gum line. Gums can become inflamed and sore. As such, that can mean more than just misery and pain. A sore gum can allow bacteria to enter and then, gum disease will not be far behind.

Pain – Unfortunately, as the molars push their way out of the gums, pain can grow in intensity. In some cases, some sufferers may even note pain in their face and jaw as a result of the emerging molars.

Cavities – When you have sore places in your mouth, you may naturally avoid brushing and flossing in that area to avoid the pain. That, unfortunately, can lead to cavities in the surrounding teeth.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth – If the molars cannot fully emerge, you may have an impacted wisdom tooth. This is a serious situation that can cause permanent damage to your bones if not treated immediately.

How Wisdom Teeth Are Treated

In many cases, wisdom teeth need no treatment at all if they are not yet creating problems such as impinging on other teeth or causing discomfort. However, almost all wisdom teeth do create issues for young adults and they can become more serious when the teeth get impacted. As such, the only way to cope with an impacted molar is by using minor dental surgery. Talk to your dentist about your young adult's wisdom tooth issues and find a solution that is best for them.

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