Get Rid Of White Spots On Your Teeth

14 August 2019
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If you've examined your mouth, you may have noticed tiny white spots on the surface of your teeth. If this is true, then it's important to know that you're not alone in this problem. White spots occur on the surface of your teeth and are caused by several things. The good news is that it isn't caused solely because of bad oral habits. You need to know the options available and how they are formed if you want to remove white spots.

Causes of White Spots

You may have observed tiny white spots on your teeth's surface if you've ever peered at your teeth thoroughly. There are three major causes of white spots. One is dental fluorosis, which occurs when teeth are exposed to high levels of fluoride when they are still developing. The large amounts of fluoride can come from drinking an excessive amount of fluoridated water or consuming certain supplements. Another cause of white spots is enamel hypoplasia. This happens when the tooth doesn't develop properly early on and results from lack of proper nutrition, premature births, or prenatal smoking. Enamel hypoplasia often results in a more yellow or brownish spotting. Demineralization is the last cause, and it's the method where bacterial plaque gathers on the teeth because of poor brushing. It is a common issue for people who have braces as the metal parts make it difficult to reach plaque.

Removing White Spots

There are numerous effective options for treating white spots. Professional teeth whitening is the most popular choice. Your dentist can help your teeth look many shades whiter, making the white spots blend in with the surrounding tooth. A major advantage to this choice is that your dentist can do it in a convenient single visit. A more lasting solution is the application of porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers, while still looking natural, can cover your imperfections. They can cover chips and cracks in your teeth as well as white spots.

Contact a dental professional about cosmetic dentistry so that they can assess your condition and help your teeth appear a lot whiter. Undergoing a dental exam may help your dentist determine whether you simply need to have your teeth scraped of plaque and whitened or whether your white spots may be caused by a more serious underlying cause. Your dentist will help make sure that your teeth are healthy as well as evenly colored white for an attractive smile.