3 Signs Your Toddler May Need Glasses

25 March 2019
 Categories: Dentist, Blog


Sometimes, it can be hard to really understand what young kids need, even if they are verbal. If you have a toddler, one of the best things that you can do is be in tune with what your child wants and needs, even if they don't tell you. For instance, you should know that if they're tired or hungry, they are more likely to be irritable and throw a temper tantrum. One thing that you may not be quite as familiar with is their eye health. If your child needs glasses, they likely won't tell you because they don't know the difference. So, what are some signs that your toddler may need some glasses? This article will take a closer look.

They Sit Close to the TV

If you notice that rather than sitting on the couch to watch their favorite TV show or movie, your child sits or stands really close to the TV, this may be a sign that they need glasses. When they can't see things from a distance, they will make minor adjustments in order to be able to see things (like sitting really close to the TV). As a test, you can always move them further back and ask them if they can see it. 

They Get Headaches

It's pretty rare for young kids to get frequent headaches unless they have a cold or are dehydrated. If your child is neither but is always complaining that their head hurts, it may be a sign that they need glasses. When your vision is blurry, your mind tries to compensate so that you can see, which in turn can result in frequent headaches. 

Eye Rubbing

Another thing to look out for is frequent eye rubbing. Does it seem like your little kid rubs their eyes a lot? Are they always rubbing their eyes, especially after they are looking at something in the distance or if they are watching TV? These are signs that your child may be rubbing their eyes in order to try to see better. 

These are all pretty strong indicators that your child needs pediatric eye care. During their eye exam, your pediatric eye doctor will perform some tests and then ask your child some basic questions. Then, from there, if they do need glasses, the eye doctor will prescribe glasses for them so that they can get on the path towards seeing more clearly.