Dentures And Implants – Two Options To Replace Lost Teeth

27 November 2018
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Having a smile that you aren't proud to show off can make life less enjoyable. When you're in social settings, you may feel uncomfortable and avoid certain situations. You can reclaim your life and live the rest of your days with a smile that looks great and allows you to enjoy life the way that it was meant to be enjoyed. Here, you'll find a few options that your dentist may present as options to replace your missing teeth.


When you discuss dentures with the dentist, you'll be given information about permanent and temporary dentures. What are the differences between the two, and do you need both?

Temporary dentures are made using an expedited process in comparison to the permanent dentures. When the temporary denture is being made, the dentist will take an impression of your mouth as it is before you have any teeth extracted, if that's what's in the treatment plan. The temporary denture will be completed for you before you have your teeth pulled – then, the day of the extraction, you take the temporary denture with you and it is put in place the second the dentist finishes the extraction work.

Permanent dentures take quite a while to make and can require several visits to the dentist before they are complete. This is because the impressions must be made when your mouth is healed and healthy and several times more before the denture is complete.

So, if you want to have dentures in place from the time your teeth are extracted on, you'll need both a temporary denture and a permanent denture.


Now, if you don't need a full set of dentures, you might do better with some dental implants to fill in the gaps. Implants do take several weeks to complete, but once they're in place and fully healed, they will look and feel as natural as the teeth you've lost.

When planning to have implants done, you will need to plan for several visits to the dentist. You will have the tooth extracted, then have to allow the area to heal. Once it's healed, the implant post will be surgically placed in the bone. Then, you'll have to wait several weeks for the implant to fuse to the bone before the dentist can put the implant crown on it. It will take several weeks, but implant dentistry will provide you with a smile that you can show off without any concern.

Talk with your dentist to learn more about the options available for replacing those missing teeth.