Do You Have A Missing Tooth? 3 Options You Have To Replace It

27 September 2018
 Categories: Dentist, Blog


When you have a missing tooth it can be hard not only to be taken seriously because of your appearance but also to do things like chew normally. The good news about having a missing tooth, though, is that you can have it either permanently or temporarily replaced with a few different cosmetic options. Before you go in to see your cosmetic dentist, this article will list three options that you have to replace your tooth. Ready to learn some more? Read on. 

Temporary Tooth

Whether you don't have a lot of money to replace your tooth right now or if you just need to have a tooth placed until you get a more permanent oral fixture, your dentist may recommend that you get a temporary tooth from a company such as Tupelo Tooth. A temporary tooth is usually a crown that's placed over the top of a chipped or crack tooth, and it acts as a real tooth for the time being. 

Dental Implant

If you are looking for something that's a little bit more permanent and if your insurance covers it, then you may want to consider getting a dental implant. A dental implant works by placing a metal rod into your gums and letting it heal for several months. Once your gums have healed over the top of the metal rod, then your dentist will place a permanent crown over the top. The metal rod will act as your tooth's' artificial root, whereas the crown will act as the actual tooth; both of which are essential for not only looking professional but being able to chew well as well. 

Dental Bridge

Another option that you have is a dental bridge. A dental bridge almost looks like a retainer but is fixed to the roof of your mouth so that it can't come out. Then, on at least one side of the bridge, an artificial tooth will be attached to it so that it holds the tooth in place. This is usually a more affordable option than dental implants, which can make it ideal in many cases. 

As you can see, there are a lot of issues with having a missing tooth, and it can seem like you'll never be able to smile and look like yourself again. However, there are definitely some perks and benefits of having a full set of teeth; even if some of them are artificial. To learn more, contact your cosmetic dentist today.