Three Terms To Search For On A Dentists Website

15 February 2018
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When browsing for a new dentist in a new town, one of the easiest ways to find a new dental professional is online. Going online to look for a dentist can net you more information in the span of a few minutes than searching the phone books. The problem with selecting a dentist by their online presence is that you may not have the key details to know whether or not they can take on your case. Before you set up an in-office consultation and cleaning with your new dentist, here are some terms to search for on their website. 

Payments and insurance accepted

Depending on how you plan to pay for your dental service, you need a dentist that accepts your method of payment. Be sure to look at the dental website to determine what kind of payments they accept. If you intend on pay with your insurance be sure that they accept all insurance or that they have the logo of your insurer. If you pay outright for your services or if you will need a payment plan, dentists who accept payments will give you this information online. 

Coupons for new patients

Brand new patients get discounts with some dentists, especially for cleanings and X-rays. Dentists may also have specialists for new and returning patients based on the month, including holiday specials and specials for crowns and fittings for dentures. Others will have special programs for families to pay less when coming together for cleanings. In order to take advantage of lower priced offers, surf through their website to determine if there are coupons available or if there are any specials that the dentist is offering. If there are coupon specials, be sure to mention them when making the appointment and print it out to take to the office. 

What location they are located

Some dentists will be located in office parks with exterior entrances. Others may be stationed in high rise buildings with validated parking. Others still will be in small, single-family home spaces that are turned into a commercial business. You should take a look at the map of the area and check the address to determine exactly where the dentist is stationed. This way you will be prepared for the parking situation and how long it may take you to find the actual office. Knowing the precise directions and how easy it is to get in and out of the office will be crucial if you have major dental work done and need to behave gingerly while walking and driving. 

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