Three Truths That Will Get Your Kids To Love The Dentist

28 September 2017
 Categories: Dentist, Blog


It is common for people, kids, and adults alike, to dislike having to go to the dentist. Even for kids who have never been to a dental office, it is common for older children to express how they disliked it or others to relay their fears and cause kids to become anxious about dental work. It is important to counteract your children's fear of the dentist and turn it into good anticipation. Tell your children these three truths to get your kids happy about visiting the dental office throughout their life. 

Good teeth make life more enjoyable 

Most people neglect to learn the importance of good teeth. Good teeth lend the ability to chew favorite foods, including candy, popcorn, and barbecue. Without good teeth, it would be difficult to eat foods that require a good bite. Explain to your children that dentists help to give them the ability to chew the foods that they love the most without any pain or without having to give up the types of meals and snacks that they love. 

There is nothing better than the clean tooth feeling

One of the best parts of going to the dentist is the clean feeling that you will receive after you get a good tooth cleaning. Teach your children to love the feeling of clean teeth. Enjoying the feeling of smooth and cleansed teeth will keep your children on the ball with their brushing and flossing routine. When they are sitting in the dental chair, they will anticipate the feel of a clean mouth rather than anticipate a negative experience. The better they brush and floss their teeth after a dental visit, the longer the refreshing feeling will remain. 

The better condition of the teeth, the easier future visits

Dental visits are rarely painful or hurtful. The only time that children will experience tooth pain is if they are having a major service, such as a root canal. Most of the time, dental services will be painless. The only issue that children may experience is numbness at keeping their mouth open during the service. Let your kids know that their general dentistry visits will be just fine as long as they are taking good care of their teeth. Talk about what types of foods and eating practices can lead to tooth decay and cavities. Actions such as not brushing after eating candy and eating too many sticky foods without making sure that the teeth are properly cleaned afterward can lead to decay. Stay away from cavity-inducing issues. Click for more info.