Going To A Cosmetic Dentist To Fix Decayed Teeth

14 August 2017
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One of the biggest regrets that many people have when they grow older is neglecting their teeth throughout the years. The reason why is because the look of teeth can have a drastic impact on appearance, especially when they are severely decayed. Although it might seem as though it is impossible to repair teeth that are severely decayed, there are actually a few options for you to consider. A cosmetic dentist can possibly restore your smile based on the condition of your oral health. This article explains some of the things that might be done to restore decayed teeth through cosmetic dentistry.

1. Discover Problems of Concern

Before a dentist can determine which type of cosmetic dentistry will work best for your condition, he or she must locate problems. For example, other that your teeth being decayed, he or she will also determine the condition of your jawbones. An examination will be done to find cysts, abscesses, and other problems of concern as well.

2. Extract Severely Decayed Teeth

The teeth in your mouth that are severely decayed will be extracted. The method of extraction will depend on the extent of decayed. For instance, if there is hardly any enamel left, a dentist might have to remove the remaining enamel via surgery. Simple methods of extraction can be used if there is a sufficient amount of enamel left.

3. Install Dental Implants as Replacements

If you want to replace any of the teeth that are extracted, dental implants might be the solution. Dental implants are ideal because they consists of metal posts that act as roots to artificial teeth, which makes them as stable as natural teeth. A dentist will first make sure your jawbones are stable before installing implants, but bone grafting can be done if they are weak.

4. Place Veneers on Your Teeth

If any of your decayed teeth are able to be saved, veneers might be ideal. For instance, veneers can be placed on your front teeth if a portion of them decayed away. Veneers are installed by a portion of your natural enamel being filed down and the veneers being attached with a bonding cement. Your teeth will look and function naturally if you opt for getting veneers installed. When it comes to decayed molars at the back area of your mouth, a dentist might suggest capping them off with crowns after first filling the holes in.

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