Why Removable Partial Dentures Are Ideal

4 January 2017
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Has the fear of undergoing surgery to replace your missing teeth prevented you from improving your smile? Rather than living your life with the embarrassment of missing a few teeth, removable dentures are worth considering as replacements. Find out in this article why undergoing the process for removable dentures is not something that you should be afraid of. 

Examining Your Oral Health Will Be an Easy Task

When you initially visit a dentist about removable dentures, he or she will perform an examination on your mouth. There is nothing difficult during the examination process that will cause you any concern. Basically, the dentist will take a look at your teeth and gums to make sure there are no underlying conditions. The most common underlying condition that might need to be treated before the denture creation process begins is periodontal disease. Rotten teeth will also have to be treated if there are any in your mouth. Those teeth might need root canals, fillings, or to be extracted altogether.

Customizing Your Dentures Does Not Cause Pain

Once the denture creation process begins, you will not suffer from any pain along the way. The first step will be for the dentist to measure your mouth to figure out how wide the dentures should be. He or she will also have to take impressions of your teeth, as you will be getting partial dentures if there are any natural teeth still in your mouth. The impressions will simply be obtained by you biting into dental putty. When the dentist is satisfied with the impressions, he or she will be sent them to the experts in a laboratory so your dentures can be made to the specifications of your mouth.

The Dentures Will Fit Comfortably in Your Mouth

After your dentures have been created in a laboratory, the dentist will be able to place them inside of your mouth to see how well they fit. If you are uncomfortable with how the dentures feel, adjustments can be made until you are completely satisfied. Although you will have to get use to the feel of dentures, they should not cause you any pain while they are being worn. The great thing about the dentures is that you will have the ability to remove them at any time you don't feel like wearing them, such as if you are at home. You must sterilize the dentures by placing them in a solution when they are not in your mouth.

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