3 Facts You Should Know About Getting A New Dental Crown When You Are Embarrassed About The Gap In Your Teeth

7 December 2016
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If you try to avoid smiling or have mastered the skill of speaking while moving your lips as little as possible because of a gap in your teeth that makes you uncomfortable, it is time to speak with your dentist about getting a crown to cover the area. As the result of dental advances in recent years, it is now possible to get the crown, which is also known as a cap, in a single visit. In addition, with adequate care over the years, it is possible for the crown you get now to last 50 years, and there are several different materials that dental crowns can be made of. If you are ready to love your smile again, it is a good idea to consider the following information.  

You Are Unlikely To Spend More Than One Visit Getting The Crown

Given the busy lives that most people have today, it is often quite challenging to spend a lot of time away from work or home. Unfortunately, that means that many people have delayed getting the dental work they need. Therefore, it is important to note that in many cases, it is now possible for your cosmetic dentist to create a 3D image of the teeth that need a crown. Assuming that the cosmetic dentist with whom you are working has access to the appropriate 3D technology, you will be able to leave the office with a new crown in one visit.

If you see a dentist who does not have access to the technology to produce 3D images in the office, you can still  dramatically improve your smile in the first visit. That is because you can typically get a temporary crown to cover the affected area that will then be removed when your custom crown replaces it in the future. 

The Care That The Crown Receives In The Future Will Impact How Long It Will Last

One factor that will impact the amount of time that your new crown will be in a safe and usable condition is the care you provide to it in the future. In addition to the standard oral care you would normally receive from your dentist, you should also continue to brush and floss. It is also important to remember that if you frequently bite into hard candies, nuts, or similar objects with your front teeth, there is a higher likelihood of your crown experiencing an issue like damaged cement.

The cement in question secures the crown in place. When it is damaged, the crown could easily detach and you would need to have it cemented back in place. However, it is possible for an intact and undamaged crown to detach, so the lifespan of the crown may not be impacted. It will be helpful to speak with your cosmetic dentist to obtain recommendations specific to your situation.    

Dental Crowns Can Be Made Of Five Different Materials

While there are different options for the construction of a dental crown, they are not all appropriate to close a gap in the front of your mouth. That is because it is common for people to prefer their crown to seamlessly blend in with the surrounding teeth. As a result, a plain metal crown is rarely a preferred choice. In addition, stainless steel crowns function similarly to the plain metal, as it is more commonly provided to children or as a temporary crown. Instead, crowns that exist to cover the gap in the front teeth for adults tend to be made of a material that closely matches your surrounding teeth. 

Popular choices include the porcelain-fused-to-metal that have the stability of the metal for securing the unit and the porcelain allows the crown to be less noticeable. Alternatively, you may opt for an all-resin, all-porcelain, or all-ceramic crown, even though they are more prone to discoloration and chipping. 

In conclusion, a dental crown is a common and easy way to cover the gap between your front teeth that you dislike. Therefore, you will need to remember the above facts about dental crowns when you are ready to love your smile again. For more information, contact local professionals like TLC Dental Center.