The Benefits Of Sedation Oral Surgery

28 October 2016
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Going to the dentist isn't always the most fun event. In fact, many people have a real fear of going to the dentist, however irrational it may be. This fear may even be compounded when oral surgery such as a tooth extraction or a dental implant is being completed. To help overcome these fears, you may decide to undergo your procedure while being sedated. This actually means that you are still awake but are heavily sedated. There are several benefits of undergoing sedation dentistry as opposed to other kinds of oral surgery.

1. You Are Still Awake. As mentioned previously, during sedated oral surgery, you will still be awake. This means that the dentist can still communicate with you, although you may not remember it. This is good because if you were put under general anesthesia, the dentist would not be able to communicate with you. The dentist may need to ask you simple questions and being sedated, you can still answer those questions. He may request that you open your mouth a little wider and you will still be able to comply with those types of requests even though you are pretty out of it.

2. Less Pain. Because the sedation medication will calm your nerves so that you are not tense and fidgety in the chair, you will also not feel the pain and will not remember the pain afterwards. This can make you feel more at ease. Knowing that you will be sedated can help calm your nerves leading up to the surgery itself. Many people can be nervous for days and weeks leading up to the surgery but knowing that you will be sedated can ease that burden.

3. The Procedure Can Be Done Quicker. When you go in for an oral surgery while being sedated, the dentist will be able to get the work done more quickly. This is because you will not be moving as much. When you move, close your mouth or tense up, it is harder for the dentist to get the work done. This can frustrate the dentist and cause you even more pain. That is why sedation is so important and useful.

These are just a few of the benefits that sedation oral surgery has over some of the other methods such as local or general anesthesia. They all have their pros and cons but for those who are very nervous about getting an oral surgery, sedation might just be the perfect option.

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