Think Your Child Has Gum Disease? What To Know

29 April 2016
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If your child complains that their gums hurt and you notice that the gums are bleeding every time they brush, your child could have adolescent periodontal disease. Parents often think that a child is too young to get periodontal disease, but unfortunately this is a problem in America.

If the child isn't always the best about brushing and flossing and you haven't been as diligent as you could be about making sure the child takes care of their oral health, it's time to make a change. Here are a few things you'll want to consider.

Avoid Lifelong Illnesses

Periodontal disease can increase the risk of a variety of health complications like heart disease and other organ complications. You don't want your child to end up with a lifetime of health struggles because they didn't take care of their smile at a young age, and because you didn't floss or give attention to their gum disease.

Prevent Cavities

If there are bacteria around the gum line and in the gum tissue, it's going to eat at the enamel of the tooth to expose the tooth to cavities, and the bacteria can attack the root of the tooth. Cavities at a young age can cause premature tooth loss and the need for root canals, and your child can end up with a dental abscess.

Protect the Gum Tissue

Once the gum tissues start to erode and deteriorate, it can be difficult to restore the tissue. The gum tissue that your child has in their mouth needs to last them a lifetime, so you want to get the tissues cleaned regularly to stop the progression of the gum disease. You don't want your child to have discolored gum tissue and foul breath, because the disease keeps spreading throughout the mouth. There are limited procedures to fix the gum tissue, so get your child a professional cleaning right away.

If your child is struggling with the signs of gum disease and you are afraid that they are going to have poor oral health in the years ahead, you want to get them to a dentist. Talk with the dentist about the easiest ways to treat the gum disease that they have, and to prevent any further damages in the mouth. You also want to look into preserving the teeth that have been exposed to bacteria, and improving their overall health for a healthy smile. If you're looking for a dentist near you, consider Marc E. Segal, D.D.S.