Common Dental Implant Questions Answered

21 March 2016
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Being unfortunate enough to have lost a tooth can be a stressful and frightening experience. In addition to the serious cosmetic complications that can be caused, a missing tooth may also limit some of the functionality of your mouth. To help correct this problem, a dental implant can be installed that will mimic the look of a natural tooth. When weighing your corrective options, it is important for you to be informed about the following answers to common questions about dental implants.

How Long Will It Be Until You Receive Your Artificial Tooth?

It should come as no surprise that implant patients often want to have their missing tooth replaced as soon as possible. Unfortunately, dental implants can require several months to be fully installed. This is due to the fact that the implant will need to securely bond to the bones in the jaw. Without this step, the artificial tooth would not be securely held in place. Fortunately, patients will receive temporary bridges to help mask the cosmetic and functional issues caused by the missing tooth. These bridges can be installed the same day as the implant, which can help to ensure your smile is restored as quickly as possible.

What Care Will A Dental Implant Require?

After the permanent implant has been installed, it is important for individuals to make sure that they are thoroughly cleaning it. It is common for some patients to assume that the tooth will not need as much care as the others because it is artificial. While the tooth itself can not decay, bacteria can still accumulate on it. Eventually, this can lead to serious gum disease, which can cause the implant to fail because the gums may recede and the jawline may erode. To help avoid this problem, you should make sure to always brush and floss around your implant. Flossing is especially important because it can help to remove plaque and tartar that has started to get below the gum line.

Opting to receive dental implants might be the best options for ensuring that the cosmetic issues caused by your missing tooth are restored as effectively as possible. Unfortunately, you may not understand this option, which may make it difficult for you to make a thorough evaluation. By knowing that dental implant patients can receive temporary bridges and that it is important to continue cleaning the artificial tooth, you will find yourself better able to make an informed choice by understanding what to expect from this restorative procedure.