4 Things To Know About Cosmetic Dentistry

15 October 2015
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If you have teeth that aren't perfectly white and straight, then you may be considering cosmetic dentistry work. However, many people are very discouraged about cosmetic dental services because of the price and believing that it doesn't have much to do with health. Here are four things you should know about cosmetic dentistry:

  1. Cosmetic Work is Not Just for Appearances: What many people fail to realize is that cosmetic work can be beneficial to your oral health, as well. The work that you receive won't just be beneficial to the appearance of your smile. There is some cosmetic work that you will need to help benefit your health. So don't think that you can write off cosmetic dental work for yourself just because you don't care to spend the time and money on appearances. 
  2. Crowns Can Prevent Pain: Crowns not only cover up some unsightly teeth that you may have, but they also help you to experience no pain when eating and drinking. When you have a tooth that has exposed nerves, for example, a crown will cover that so that you no longer experience the extreme sensitivity when it comes to eating your meals. Plus, if the tooth is that way because of tooth decay, a crown is going to prevent it from falling apart altogether. 
  3. Veneers Cover Up Yellowing: Although having yellow teeth isn't a major health concern, it can be very concerning if the yellowing is occurring to no fault of your own. Many people who have to take certain medications will experience yellowing of their teeth and it can lower self-esteem, especially if you are going through a challenging time with your health. This is why you want to have the option of using veneers to cover up the yellowing of your teeth. Veneers will even help make your teeth look straighter, as well. 
  4. Braces Don't Just Straighten Your Teeth: If you believe that you can go without braces, you may have to think again. This is because braces don't just straighten your teeth for appearances, but also for your health. If your teeth are too overcrowded and are pushing on one another, then this can cause major issues. It can prevent you from having proper speech and from eating comfortably and more. So if your dentist recommends braces for you, then there is probably a health concern as to why.

By knowing these four things about cosmetic dentistry, you can better understand why cosmetic dentistry is more important than you otherwise may have thought.

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