Two Questions About Dental Issues You May Need Answered

20 September 2015
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It is a fact of life that dental problems can cause major issues for your smile, but there are many people that are not informed about dental problems and procedures. This lack of knowledge can make people vulnerable to overlooking procedures that could drastically improve their smiles. If this applies to you, it may be important for you to have a couple of questions answered to make maintaining the quality of your smile easier.

How Can You Have A Misshapen Tooth Corrected?

Whether your misshapen teeth is a problem that you have always had or something that has recently developed due to injury, it can make you embarrassed to smile. It can also cause functional problems when speaking or eating, and while this condition can be treated, many patients are unsure of what their options are for this problem. 

One of the more common options for repairing a misshapen tooth to apply dental bonding to it. This will allow the dentist to give the tooth a natural appearance by sculpting the bonding material. Another option may be to use dental crowns to restore the tooth's appearance, and the best option for your situation will depend on numerous factors. Your dentist will be able to inspect the tooth to determine the extent of correction that is needed before choosing the option that will provide the most natural appearance. 

Can Adults Have Dental Sealants Applied?

It is a relatively common procedure for children to have their teeth coated with a protective sealant. These sealants are designed to help provide an additional layer of protection against decay. Unfortunately, there are some people that are under the impression this is a procedure that is only administered for children. However, this is far from the case, and there is no reason that adults cannot benefit from having this treatment performed to their teeth. 

While this procedure can be done to people of any age, you should be aware that it is normally reserved for treating the back teeth. These teeth have large flat surfaces with grooves that can trap food and bacteria.

There are many different dental problems and procedures that you may encounter over the course of your life. Yet, if you are not an informed patient, these problems can seem extremely difficult for you to overcome. Having an understanding of the process for correcting misshapen teeth and knowing that adults can benefit from sealants should help you to keep your smile as beautiful as possible throughout your entire life. 

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